Why Do You Need to Visit a Colorectal Clinic?

Colorectal treatment covers all bowel problems. The method includes special surgical procedures for various conditions of the colon, rectum, and anus and also removes any obstruction in the area.

The incidence of colorectal diseases, especially colorectal cancer, is dramatically increasing in Singapore over the past three decades. But, despite this, progress in the percentage of survival has also been achieved due to the excellent performance of the colorectal clinics.

These clinics offer comprehensive and integrated management of various colorectal problems and provide a one-stop solution to detect, diagnose, and treat different conditions. Moreover, they also provide emergency services for all colorectal and anal diseases and conditions.

In most of the cases, they follow minimum invasive procedures for colorectal surgeries. This ensures minimum pain, minimizes the chances of infection and also helps a speedy recovery. If done at an earlier stage it increases the chances of recovery to a great extent.

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A guide to colorectal surgery for the best benefits

Like any other disease, getting the right treatment is essential for colorectal diseases. As it involves problems in the colon, rectum, and anus, the patients suffering from colorectal conditions need to visit a colorectal clinic for management and ultimate alleviation of the condition. Colorectal diseases include a wide array of conditions and these require a cluster of surgical procedures for treating the different varieties.

In Singapore, colorectal surgeries are performed either by traditional open surgical procedures or following the minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. The surgeon notes down the medical history of the patient. He also enquires about family history when the incidence of colorectal cancer is suspected. Physical and rectal examination is also done for the assessment of the condition.

While a colorectal surgery is reasonably safe, it also has some associated risks and complications like other surgeries. The rectal examination involves a few minutes only and it is not painful though some feel it a bit uncomfortable.

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How colorectal surgeries are done in Singapore?

Colorectal is a special medical field that deals with the different issues a patient may have in the anus, colon, and rectum. When someone suffers from some disorders in these organs, he or she needs to visit a colorectal clinic and find a colorectal surgeon to take care of the issues.

Colorectal diseases can have many symptoms from abdominal pain, to unexplained diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and the most dreading colon cancer. Singapore has a few specialized hospitals where the best colorectal surgeons offer specialized treatment.

Colorectal cancer is very much prevalent in Singapore. The technicians in the specialized clinics evaluate human feces for detecting the first signs of the disease. If positive, the patient is subjected to further examination for diagnosing the extent of the condition and surgery is performed for correcting the condition. In most cases, this is done by the laparoscopic method for a quick recovery. Laser technology is also applied if required. Browse the treatment.com article for details. Read more here!