How to find the right hand surgeon for trigger finger surgery

Patients who suffer from trigger finger often try alternative approaches before considering surgery, but sometimes these treatments simply don?t work. If you are experiencing trigger finger, it is critical that you find a professional hand specialist to help alleviate the symptoms and address this condition. We all understand how important your hand can be to your daily life, so there is no reason to delay treatment.

One such clinic for this condition to look out for is Hand Surgery Associates. If you need surgery in the future, you can be assured of Trigger finger surgery at Hand surgery Associates as they have over 40 years of combined experience. The clinic also has a wide range of services available, from emergency treatment to hand therapy. If you should need consultation or treatment for hand surgery, they are the place to look to.

It is understandable that you may be concerned about the potential risks of surgery, so we have listed a few of the commonly raised concerns below:

Trigger finger surgery: What are the risks?

Trigger finger surgery is performed in two different ways, and both are advertised as normal operations, but there is nothing ordinary about undergoing surgery. Every surgical procedure has risks involved, and you should be aware of the dangers. The most common way to treat trigger finger is by opening up the palm and physically widening the tendon sheath so that the affected tendon can pass through more easily. Although this seems simple enough, anytime the skin is broken, the body is at risk of developing an infection. The deep cut from this procedure occurs on the hands, one of the dirtiest parts of the body, and you will be trusting the surgeon to properly sterilise your hands before they perform surgery.

The hands are full of nerves and blood vessels, and when surgery is used to alleviate trigger finger symptoms, it targets a tendon that is surrounded by these important parts of the hand. Careless doctors who perform surgery in a reckless manner can accidentally damage the surrounding nerves, and the patient is left with permanently damaged fingers that cannot be repaired. To prevent this from happening, surgeons prevent the patients from bleeding during the operation. Before surgery, a tourniquet is placed above the elbow to stop blood from flowing down the arm and to the hand. This creates a clear view of the tendons in the hand, and allows the doctor to operate quickly.

Finding the right clinic in Singapore

Before undergoing surgery for trigger finger, it is important to find the right hand clinic to perform your procedure. It is wise to consult with friends, neighbors, and long-time residents to find a clinic that has the right amount of expertise to handle your surgery. Ultimately you will want to:

Find a specialist – The hands are complicated body parts, and you don?t want a general surgeon to navigate the complex structures of the human hand.

Research their credentials – Find a doctor who is experienced and who has the qualifications to perform surgery on your hand. Read online reviews from previous patients to see what their experience was like and if you think the doctor would be a good match for you.

Meet with them before surgery – Don?t walk into a clinic for the first time and allow the doctor to perform surgery, no matter how simple they make it seem. Schedule a consultation first, and have a genuine conversation about their experience as a surgeon.

Once you have found the right hand surgery clinic in Singapore that can treat trigger finger, you should make sure to schedule the surgery at a time that allows you to undergo treatment and fully recover from the procedure before returning to work. Your hand surgeon will advise you on the amount of time you?ll need for recovery and how to treat your hand post-surgery for optimal results.