Health and safety risks involved in hospitality industry

Hospitality industry is one of the largest industries across world employing a large number of people around the world. It is important to identify risks and workplace hazards so that these can be minimized or eliminated. These hazards may pose risks to human life hence timely action needs to be implemented for each of these. Let us quickly take a look at the health and safety dangers involved in this industry:

* Moving fixtures and furniture – Many accidents in hotels and motels occur due when shifting furniture. To safeguard from this risk, it is advisable to balance yourself when moving furniture, bend knees, adjust the fulcrum so that the weight is appropriately distributed and your back does not get twisted.

* Burns – A lot of accidents in hotels occur due to burns or when coming in contact with heated objects or liquid spills. To ensure safety against burns, ensure that the food and cooking items are dry before they are come in contact with hot oil. Handles of utensils should not stick out from stove as someone can knock against them and these can fall. Wearing and using protective clothes like mittens and cotton base aprons is recommended.

* Wet and slippery floors – Cleaning and maintaining hygiene is a very important part of the hotel industry however wet floors pose the risk of accidents due to falls. Injuries caused due to wet floors can be prevented by using footwear which does not slip, keeping grease away from spilling, cleaning spills very often, using mats having rubber base and avoiding wax and polish application on floors.

* Sprains – Handling equipment manually is the main cause of strained muscles and sprains in body. These can be easily prevented by ensuring that the items are stacked neatly so nothing falls down suddenly and causes any jerk. Use of ladder is advised to get something off from high shelves. Employees working regularly in such areas should be trained on techniques to lift heavy loads.

* Laundry – Employees who tidy rooms in hotels can come across cloths which could be soiled by blood or body fluids. Exposure to these cane cause health risks however, this can be avoided by using rubber gloves which protect hands at all times. Garbage bags which are meant to sore such materials should be used and appropriately labeled.

* Bathroom cleaning – Employees who clean bathrooms and washrooms in hotels are likely to come in contact with fluids like blood, feces or vomit. These employees should be trained to use disposable gloves and towel rolls. These items once used for cleaning should be disposed of in garbage bag specially designed for this purpose. The entire area should be cleaned with disinfectants and bleach. Garbage compression is not recommended as the individual handling this is likely to come in contact with garbage.

It is best to enroll your employees in a WSH training course to make them more prepared.

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